Environmental issues related to buildings

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Funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 program initiative, the ABC 21 project aims to identify and document African and European bioclimatic designs and the use of local materials as methods to develop and promote sustainable and energy-efficient buildings.   Context  
Post date: 7 Jun 2021
Type: Poveznica

This webinar explores the role of different actors, regulations and market models, and digital data and technologies in the provision of flexibility in energy demand that is so critical for the transition to a zero-emission energy system and smart grid characterised by high shares of volatile renewable energy resources.  
Post date: 4 Jun 2021
Type: Događanje

In the context of the ongoing public consultation on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), we are hosting a series of three webinars entitled “Future-proof EPBD: let’s deliver beyond the Renovation Wave!” that focuses on different aspects of the EPBD.
Post date: 1 Jun 2021
Type: Događanje

The ASME Energy Sustainability Conference is focused on identifying innovative technologies, research and design advances, and solutions toward a path of renewable and sustainable energy, including utility-level systems integration.   High-quality conference papers will be selected in a special issue dedicated to Energy Sustainability by the ASME Journal of Energy Resources Technology (JERT) and ASME Journal of Engineering for Sustainable Buildings and Cities.  
Post date: 31 May 2021
Type: Događanje

The world is changing. Humanity faces an increasing number of natural disasters, economic and social issues and several extreme social phenomena, including epidemic issues. New situation in natural and socio-economic environment requires new technical solutions for construction of new and reconstruction and modernization of existing buildings as a contribution to development of sustainable built environment. Such solutions should be cost-effective with minimum impacts on the environment and maximum level of resilience.   
Post date: 31 May 2021
Type: Vijesti

In Munich's Prinz-Eugen-Park district, NEST 2020 realized the residential complex with 61 condominiums, community space and underground parking. The concept combines passive house standard and wooden construction with solar power and battery storage for local use of renewable energy. Different floor plan types and sizes, community spaces and a sustainable mobility concept create a diverse offering for residents. Two 4-story point buildings and five residential blocks house townhouses and maisonette units in addition to traditional multi-story apartments.
Post date: 25 May 2021
Type: Spis

We cordially invite you to the 2021 European Conference of Computing in Construction The 2021 EC³ conference will take place in Rhodes, Greece, on July 19-28, 2021. EC³ is the premier European Conference for information, communication and technological research, innovation and policy for the Construction Sector as a whole in Europe.
Post date: 21 May 2021
Type: Događanje

The VEF 2021 is designed to facilitate a multi-sectoral, multi-stakeholder and interdisciplinary dialogue on sustainable energy for inclusive development and productive capacities. Guided by the motto “Where Action Meets Ambition” and designed as the first virtual VEF, the 2021 edition will include a Youth Day on the 5th of July 2021, followed by the VEF on the 6th and 7th of July 2021.  
Post date: 20 May 2021
Type: Događanje

In a European context, the QualDeEPC initiative has elaborated several proposals on the energy certification of buildings and deep energy renovation.   One of the proposals that gained great acceptance in all project countries (Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Spain, and Sweden) has been the creation of a digital platform to promote the energy renovation of buildings.  
Post date: 19 May 2021
Type: Vijesti

As European buildings are responsible for 36% of CO2 emissions, the subject of deep renovation of buildings has become central in its role for making Europe climate neutral by 2050. Henceforth, there is a compelling need for a new set of skills to deep renovation projects. 4RinEU MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) offers to new professionals in the construction sector a comprehensive set of lessons and training materials to develop such skills.  
Post date: 17 May 2021
Type: Tool