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Secretary general, Eurogypsum (Non-profit)

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Affordable solutions to overcome the challenges in urban housing

by Christine Marlet (Eurogypsum aisbl)   Europe is the most urbanised continent outside of the Americas, with 73% of the current population living in urban environments; this is expected to rise to 80% by 2050. The largest challenge for...

The Gypsum Experience: A Circular Economy for the Construction Sector - Forum 2015

The President of the European Parliament Gypsum Forum, Mrs. Julie Girling, and the President of Eurogypsum., Mr. Claude-Alain Tardy are very happy to invite you to the annual conference of the European Parliament Gypsum Forum. In the first session...

Plaster and Plasterboard the sustainable construction materials for the 21st century


Increasing Energy Efficiency in Buildings with Internal Insulation: The European Gypsum Industry Solutions

The European Union’s 2020 Strategy aims to deliver smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.Increased energy efficiency is key to this growth strategy, and will require investment in technologies, incentives and solutions to generate substantial...

Sustainable construction and renovation is the route towards a low carbon economy

Array The construction sector represents a strategically important sector for the European Union, providing buildings and infrastructure on which all sectors of the economy depend. The sector is significant in terms of employment and provides...

Increasing Energy Efficiency in Buildings with Internal Insulation:the European Gypsum Industry Solutions

In the field of energy efficiency in buildings, the European Gypsum Industry has developed innovative, technological, energy-efficient solutions for building interiors, with a complete offering for walls, floors and ceilings. Internal insulation is...

Analysis of Heat Charging and Discharging on the Phase Change Energy- Storage Composite Wallboard (PCECW) in Buildings


Improving energy efficiency through artificial inertia: the use of Phase Change Materials in light, internal components

Phase Change Materials (PCM’s) are characterised by a large thermal capacity and by melting temperatures close to those associated with human comfort. Thanks to the “artificial inertia” they can give a building, they can be used in components such...

La plaque de plâtre au coeur de la construction durable


Solid wall insulation supply chain review

The total number of solid wall insulations carried out on domestic properties in the UK for year 2008 is estimated to be in the range 25,000-35,000, with external wall insulation comprising around 60% of the market. There remains uncertainty over...