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A strategy for the energy renovation of Romania’s building stock

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An ambitious reduction target in CO2 emissions from buildings by as much as 80% by 2050 (compared to 2010) is both achievable and desirable in Romania.

BPIE found out that this ambitious target could be achieved through a combination of energy efficiency measures and widespread deployment of renewable resources in and on buildings, in a multiphase approach described in the study Renovating Romania. This strategy is designed to stimulate debate among stakeholders, with a view to securing a broad consensus around the future direction of policies and initiatives addressing building energy performance in Romania.

BPIE just launched its study entitled "Renovating Romania". It provides an opportunity to encourage the Government and other stakeholders to consider a level of ambition that would be appropriate to improve the quality of the nation’s homes and workplaces. To illustrate the scale of that ambition, this strategy proposes the renovation or rebuilding of all Romania’s homes, farmsteads, workplaces, hospitals, factories, retail premises and the myriad of other buildings, to high energy performance standards by 2050.

Download the study in English and Romanian at