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Expo with more than 200 exhibitors Various conferences hosted by professionals Guided tours on energy sites by regular shuttles A clean village (inventors, associations, private individuals, schools, high schools, etc.) Energetic Meetings (B2B) A mobility space (clean vehicles, bio fuels, etc.) A rally cyclist in the city of Mons with tandems for blind people European experiences with participation of witnesses cities Information stand held by schools, universities, high schools and competences centres about the training opportunities An itinerant house to discover in the clean village Competitions and challenges for artistic schools, technical schools and high schools and universities

The cost of energy and the future of our planet concern all of us as individuals, undoubtedly more if we have children. The theme and the visual basis of the huge promotion campaign EnergyMons rely on this evidence and will widely touch both professional world and general public.

Solar, photovoltaic, windmill, heat pumps, double flow assisted ventilation, geothermy, co-generation, biomass, boiler and pellets hearths, new generation boilers, Stirling engines, clean vehicles, insulation materials, water treatment, fuel, biomethanization, fuel cell, etc.

Furthermore, the problem of energy touch many specific target groups: professionals of the sector, private individuals looking for solutions to their everyday life, towns and provinces manager, scientists, schools, etc.
Universities, industry, inventors, producers, installers, commercial companies and associations are invited to present and defend their visions and products.