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Heat emitters: The forgotten part of the energy efficiency equation

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According to  the Association of the European Heating Industry (EHI) – a wider penetration of efficient heat emitters needs to be an integral part of Europe’s ambition to achieve 30% energy efficiency gains by 2030. Promoting efficient heat emitters can improve the efficiency of heating systems as well as enable renewable heat appliances to find their place in the market. A heating system can run most efficiently, when all its components are designed to work together. Therefore, a low-temperature heat generator (heat pump or condensing boiler) needs to be combined with low-temperature heat emitters in order to achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency.


This paper explains the role of heat emitters as a part of the hydronic heating system. EHI believes that the ongoing review of the European Union’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, the Renewable Energy Directive and the Energy Efficiency Directive offers an opportunity to raise the awareness about the importance of efficient heating systems in general and efficient heat emitters in particular. This paper explains the role of heat emitters as a part of the hydronic heating system. 


To download the position paper, please visit the relevant EHI webpage at the link below.