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World Sustainable Energy Days 2019

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The WSED International Conference will take place in Wels, Austria next 27 February to 1st March 2019.

The World Sustainable Energy Days bring together more than 650 delegates from 50 countries from Industry, Academia and Public Sector to embrace together the necessary transition to a clean energy.

The annual conference features policies, technologies, innovation and market development through a unique combination of 7 conferences and 3 interactive events:

  • European Pellet Conference
  • Young Energy Researchers
  • European Energy Efficiency Conference
  • Energy Efficiency Policy Conference
  • Innovation Workshops Energy and Buildings
  • Industrial Energy Efficiency Conference
  • Smart E-Mobility Conference
  • Energy Efficiency Economy Workshop
  • Tradeshow, Poster Presentation, Site Visits

Call for Papers – 10 October 2018

Delegates are invited you to submit papers on:

  • energy efficiency
  • renewable energy sources
  • energy-efficient and sustainable buildings, energy in industry, e-mobility
  • pellets
  • sustainable energy research, technologies, programmes, markets and policies
  • products, services, business models

The papers can address the following aspects:

  • successfully realised projects
  • technical and business innovation, research results
  • policies, programmes, strategies
  • information, marketing, dissemination
  • market analyses, studies
  • innovative products
  • financing solutions and business models
  • integrated approaches and solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources

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