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REBUILD2020 - Barcelona

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The innovation event to boost the building industry




Considering the Covid-19 containment measures, please check the latest status of the event at the organisers’ webpage.


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Boosting the construction industry


The tsunami in the construction industry over the last decade resulted in the disappearance of thousands of companies in the sector and the loss of hundreds of thousands of skilled jobs. Today, Spain is back on the path of sustained economic growth, in which construction will play a key role. The promotion of renovation of houses and buildings at a time when families have higher incomes along with an old housing stock, major constructive deficiencies, difficulties in reaching the same figures of new building construction as in the 90s, and a new sustainable awareness and circular economy, are the ideal bases for the construction sector to recover through rehabilitation and renovation.


REBUILD provides a unique platform of innovation to invigorate the sector of construction, renovation and the energy efficiency of houses and buildings. It is a place where the professional of the sector is provided with a specialized environment where to find the latest products, materials, solutions and services.


The professional of the sector must recover a source and platform of knowledge, innovation, new products, technology and information of prices and distributors in their area. REBUILD was born to provide you and help you identify all the solutions that will lead to increase your innovation and competitiveness on a daily basis.








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