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SHERPA Capitalization Platform

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Credits: SHERPA project

This part of the SHERPA Capitalization Platform serves as a “hub” of useful information, available for Regions, Municipalities and other stakeholders interested in buildings’ energy renovation (ERB).


It is divided into 4 thematic categories corresponding to the principle value-chain Axes for planning, implementing and monitoring energy renovation projects mainly for public buildings, namely:


  • Governance-Policy
  • Technical information
  • Financing
  • Awareness-training

Each category represents a thematic toolkit by means of a repository of deliverables, best practices, methodologies, experiences and results from the SHERPA project as well as from other related MED/EU projects and initiatives on the energy efficiency of buildings.


Each toolkit contains useful information clustered based on the most relevant filtering criteria thus facilitating the user to search for information oriented to his/her preferences.


In addition, the utility offers the possibility for users to import new information (e.g. deliverables, reports, best practices, etc.) regarding the energy renovation of buildings provided that they match their input to specific searching criteria; hence, they can use this platform to communicate other material similar to SHERPA topics.


The main functionalities of the Capitalization toolkits are the following:


  • Information repository: A library of information related to ERB projects in the form of criteria-based search “engine” for each thematic toolkit.
  • Information feed: A utility allowing users to provide and share new information related to ERB projects categorized into each thematic toolkit.
  • Review domain: A utility only for SHERPA administrators to review any new information imported by users, including notifications to users of the status of review until its publication in the 1st field above.

All visitors can visualize the existing content, filter and search information in the toolkits.


However, it is highlighted that submission of new information is prohibited for simple (unregistered) visitors.


Only registered members can submit new information to the toolkits and they can also provide new information regarding ERB projects (released after the review of SHERPA Administrators).