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Tecnological Solutions

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EFFECT4buildings is mapping and spreading knowledge on technology solutions for energy efficiency in buildings to achieve economic savings.


Building managers gain from better knowledge on their profitability, performance and how to order them to benefit the highest possible value.


At the same time, technology solution providers often seek for a bigger market and the feedback on market needs to make further improvements in their business models.


That market dialogue between technology solution providers and building managers is provided by EFFECT4buildings.


Companies who produce innovative technological solutions based on latest knowledge need more information on the needs of the public building owners.


Public building managers need better knowledge on existing solutions, their profitability and how to order them to benefit the highest possible value.


The tool consists of following elements that aim to enhance the dialogue between building managers and technology solution providers:


  • an excel-list of mapped innovative technological solutions that are available in the Baltic Sea Region;
  • building managers´ experiences on different technological solutions;
  • evaluation of certain technological solutions such as centralized vs. decentralized ventilation, healthy and circadian lightning, thermal heating systems;
  • guidelines and templates for procuring solar energy PV plants, indoor climate; light, thermal, air quality and acoustics, EPC and energy monitoring systems.

Find among annexes all downloadable documents as project outcomes.

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