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Cold Climate HVAC & Energy SCANVAC 2021

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Cold Climate HVAC & Energy 2021 - 10th International SCANVAC Cold Climate Conference


Tallinn Estonia - Full Virtual Conference 20-21 April 2021.


This international SCANVAC conference is dedicated to heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems performance closely combined with healthy indoor climate and highly energy performing buildings. This year the conference scope is for the first time extended to cover energy performance and management of buildings in order to support nearly zero energy buildings development both in newbuild and deep renovation.


The focus of the conference is on the technology for cold climate conditions.


The conference is supported especially by the associations and professionals from Nordic countries.


The conference is coordinated with REHVA Annual Meeting & General Assembly, which takes place until 19 April. Coordination of events makes it possible for REHVA delegates to attend the conference. Some REHVA workshops and Committee meetings will be organised on Monday 19 April.


Cold Climate HVAC & Energy 2021 Tallinn team works hard to make this event attractive both for scientists, practitioners, PhD students and other HVAC & building professionals.

Tallinn University of Technology
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Jarek Kurnitski - Conference chair
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