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The market potential of micro-CHCP

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POLYgeneration with advanced Small and Medium scale thermally driven Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Technology

The present report from the PolySMART European Project aims to assess the market potential of small scale Combined Heating Cooling and Power (CHCP) in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. The study focuses on grid-connected CHCP systems which are operated only when an effective use of the engine heat can be made. With cooling generated by thermally driven chillers, the engine operation is driven by both heating and cooling demand. Electricity is either consumed locally or fed into the grid, depending on the user electric demand. Also, conventional boilers and chillers fit into the system in order to cover heating and cooling peak loads.
PolySMART® is a project partly funded by the European Union where 32 partners
collaborate in order to develop a set of technical solutions for a new market segment for polygeneration, in particular the market for small tri-generation systems.
The main objectives of operation of this combined system called “Combined heating, cooling
and power (CHCP)” are the following:
• To reduce the consumption of conventional energy for cooling by use of waste heat
from a co-generation system in combination with a thermally driven cooling process.
• Thereby to improve the economic viability of the entire system by an increase of the
annual operation time of the CHP unit.
CHCP technology already exists on a large scale, mainly for industrial applications and some
district cooling applications. The goal within PolySMART is to develop further application
areas using small-scale CHCP systems in the commercial, tertiary and residential sectors.
This report was produced as Deliverable D2-5 of WP2.