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The European commissioner for energy, Kadri Simson, on Tuesday 20 April underlined the importance of the ‘Renovation Wave’ strategy in combating energy poverty in the European Union, saying that sustainable, energy-efficient buildings should be “the new normal”.  
Post date: 4 Mag 2021
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Invitation to a virtual presentation that will highlight the European
Post date: 21 Apr 2021
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Several heritage organisations reacted to the fact that protected sites don’t play an important role in the EU Green Deal’s strategy against climate change, even though historic buildings represent a significant share of the stock in Europe  
Post date: 16 Apr 2021
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Are you interested in advanced technology for improving construction efficiency and predictability?   We’re looking for input from Project Managers, Site/Construction Managers (general foremen), foremen, Quality Managers and Surveyors, and HSE personnel.  
Post date: 13 Apr 2021
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The construction phase digital twin model (COGITO) is a project that started in November 2020 with funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.   
Post date: 12 Apr 2021
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The report provides an analysis of the state of play and impact of late payment on the European construction sector, by analysing in detail the situation with late payment in five countries: France, Ireland, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. The Download Analytical Report looks in detail at causes of late payment in the construction sector, and notably their links with the fragmentation of the construction supply chain and the specifics of payment processes or disputes in the construction sector.
Post date: 23 Mar 2021
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Concept and objectives:   In engineered wood products (EWPs), adhesives play an essential role particularly by helping save wood, making the structure light and robust, and moderating the expansion and contraction due to the inherent moisture.   Although there are many advantages associated with EWPs, the use of adhesives causes some concerns about their sustainability, recyclability, and broader environmental impact.  
Post date: 22 Mar 2021
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We are happy to share our new video from the installation process of module #EENSULATE facade and one of the demonstration sites - Public School in Dzierzoniow (Poland).   Watch the video HERE.
Post date: 20 Mar 2021
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REN21’s Renewables in Cities Global Status Report (REC) series provides an overview of the status, trends and developments of renewable energy in cities, using the most up-to-date information and data available.   The REC’s neutral, fact-based approach documents in detail the annual developments in policies, markets, investments and citizen action, with a particular focus on renewables in public, residential and commercial buildings as well as public and private urban transport.
Post date: 19 Mar 2021
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The Climate Chance Observatory released the 2020 Edition of its Global Sector-based Synthesis Report of Climate Action and organized, for this occasion, its week of #ClimateChanceTalks in December 2020 to exchange and cross points of view of different non-state actors around the trends and progress assessed for the last 3 years.  
Post date: 16 Mar 2021
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