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Energy company Ecopower   Ecopower is a cooperative producer and supplier of renewable energy. Anyone who co-invests in production can consume their own Ecopower power at home. Our mission is to develop a democratic, decentralised and sustainable energy system. We strive for 100% renewable energy for electricity, heat and mobility.  
Post date: 13 Mar 2020
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Our Story
Post date: 12 Mar 2020
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Municipalities and regions have a key role to play in the energy retrofit of condominiums. Many of them are already addressing the residential sector as part of their climate policies, but they are still often unaware of the specific challenges and needs of condominiums. Find out about the strategies and tools developed by two European projects, ACE-Retrofitting and INNOVATE, to better address condominiums.  
Post date: 10 Mar 2020
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Euroscicon invites you in the CME Accredited “10th Edition of International Conference on Environmental Science & Technology" conference scheduled to be held in May 11-12, 2020 at Vienna, Austria.   For any inquiry WhatsApp us +44 7588 772948   WEBSITE: Environmental Science 2020  
Post date: 6 Mar 2020
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Lower Energy Use Via an Extraordinary Network (LEUVEN)
Post date: 25 Feb 2020
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In the morning and early afternoon, a fantastic occasion to take stock of Covenant cities' achievements.   In the afternoon, a lively Citizens’ Dialogue together with youth and local authorities, to engage participants as part of the European Climate Pact.  
Post date: 24 Feb 2020
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This report aims to identify key orientations for the establishment of long-term decarbonisation strategy for Belgium. It draws on a wide range of quantitative and qualitative analyses, policy documents and scenario modelling for 2050.  
Post date: 18 Feb 2020
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To register, click here.   CLEAR 2.0 (enabling Consumers to Learn about, Engage with and Adopt Renewable energy technologies) specifically addressed the main barriers to investing in renewable energy technologies and helped improve consumer awareness and behaviour, while also working on creating favourable long-term policies for consumers.  
Post date: 11 Feb 2020
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We would like to invite you to the THERMOSS public workshop! The workshop is dedicated to researchers, industrial companies, professionals and wide public. Projects representatives from THERMOSS will introduce their results and lead interactive discussions related to the topic. The registration is free of charge.  
Post date: 10 Feb 2020
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The Hotmaps project   The EU-funded project Hotmaps aims at designing a toolbox to support public authorities, energy agencies and urban planners in strategic heating and cooling planning on local, regional and national levels, and in line with EU policies.   In addition to guidelines and handbooks on how to carry out strategic heating and cooling (H&C) planning, Hotmaps will provide an Heating & Cooling planning software that is  
Post date: 3 Feb 2020
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