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Ritratto di Steven Borncamp

Steven Borncamp

Adviser, Romania Green Building Council (Non-profit)

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Green Homes & Mortgages: a Toolkit for Residential Investors and Developers

Supporting the creation of Green Homes through a credible, cost-effective certification program represents an opportunity for residential investors & developers to differentiate the quality and environmental performance of their construction...

13 European Green Building Councils join Construction21EXPO.eu - a pan European virtual tradefair

Construction21.eu launches first virtual tradeshow for sustainable construction for Europe with the support of 13 Green Building Councils.A team from Construction21.eu and supporting European Green Building Councils will organize a virtual trade...

CONVERGENCE - Enabling Next Generation Buildings

Array Construction21 has partnered with the CONVERGENCE Paris conference organized by Greenbiz.com on 26 & 27th of June.  The event will bring together business innovators, entrepreneurs, and leading public officials to illuminate the...

Romania Green Building Council organizes Cradle to Cradle for Buildings Course in Bucharest

Following William McDonough and Michael Braungart's seminal work on "Cradle 2 Cradle: remaking how we make things"  the Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC) has partnered with Steven Beckers - one of Europe's top eco design experts - to bring...