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Regions delivering on sustainable energy strategies: EACI workshop during 2011 Open Days

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The EACI workshop was held during the 9th European Week of Regions and Cities and illustrated how regional actors can support regional sustainable energy planning, as a milestone for mobilising investment for energy efficiency and renewable energy measures.
The workshop aimed at presenting good practice examples of regions planning, financing, implementing and delivering concrete sustainable energy actions.
The presentations focused on the achievements of a Regional Development Agency, a Regional Energy Agency and a Managing Authority of operational programmes. It also featured a recently developed toolbox for regional bodies in the framework of DG ENER's Intelligent Energy Europe programme.  According to Martin Eibl from the Executive Agency for Competitiveness & Innovation (EACI): "Low carbon regions can easily become reality when actors collaborate together and capitalise on the experiences and skills available."

To find out more about the workshop, see the presentations that were delivered and discover useful information and relevant links, please click here.