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EUROCONTRACT - Comparison and evaluation of financing options for EPC projects

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This manual compares and evaluates financing options for Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) Projects and provides some innovative financial examples. It is aimed at public authorities, energy agencies and ESCOs. Traditional methods of financing, such as granting loans, cause problems for energy savings projects due to the long payback times. Innovative financing options are therefore required. This guide describes the requirements of ESCO customers in a ‘customer demand profile’ and uses this as a basis to assess different financing offers available. The customer demand profile includes factors such as: financing costs and fees; tax aspects; balance sheet effects; credit lines; Maastricht criteria and the applicability of subsidies. The financing options considered include credit, leasing and cession and forfeiting of contract rates. This document provides the reader with a comprehensive guide to the financing of ESCO projects which they may use to assess contracts/financing or to develop a project.