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German KfW bank presents Energy Turnaround Action Plan Financing offers support German Federal Government in transforming energy supply system

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KfW provides sustained support to the German Federal Government in the framework of the "KfW Energy Turnaround Action Plan" with numerous financing offers in order to accelerate the transformation of the energy supply system. Already investments have been supported for renewable energies such as offshore wind farms, energy efficient construction and rehabilitation of residential housing, as well as large investments by municipalities in the area of energy efficiency.
  • Renewable energies, energy efficiency and innovations for the energy turnaround: broadly-based financing offers for private persons, enterprises and municipalities
  • Expanded range of energy and environmental financing for enterprises starting 1 January 2012

Starting 1 January 2012, KfW will be offering another important component. It will considerably improve the range of products for enterprises to improve operational energy efficiency, utilise renewable energies and finance innovation projects for (further) development of technologies for saving energy, efficient energy generation, energy storage and transmission.

"The energy turnaround is an immense challenge for the entire society which we are tackling, also to take responsibility for coming generations. With the 'Energy Turnaround Action Plan' KfW is providing important building blocks to meet the enormous financing needs for transforming the energy supply system in Germany. Forward-looking investments in the energy area also contribute to promoting technology, growth and employment", said Dr Axel Nawrath, Member of the Executive Board of KfW Bankengruppe.

Concrete changes starting 1 January 2012
The promotion of energy efficiency measures in enterprises will be combined in the new KfW energy efficiency programme. Large enterprises can also receive support, in individual cases to enterprises with a turnover of up to EUR 3 billion.

In the framework of the Renewable Energies programme (standard), the maximum loan amount will increase to EUR 25 million. In this way onshore wind farms, for example, can be even better supported.

Larger innovation projects for energy savings, production, storage and transmission can be promoted from the ERP Innovation Programme in the future with loans and subordinated capital of up to EUR 25 million.

In the framework of a pilot model, KfW is starting the "KfW Energy Turnaround Financing Initiative" which particularly targets large enterprises. Upon request of banks, KfW provides direct loans in the framework of syndicated financings. Financings are provided for larger projects of enterprises to increase operational energy efficiency, innovation projects (research and development expenditures) in the areas of energy savings, production, storage and transmission, as well as investments for utilising renewable energies.

General corporate environmental protection measures can also be financed from the new KfW Environmental Protection Programme. This applies to enterprises of any size. In the future, this programme will also promote measures of resource efficiency or material saving - for example the reduction of material waste or the optimisation of production processes.