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CONCERTO Premium Technical Monitoring Database – EU-wide database makes results from CONCERTO projects accessible

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"If you can’t measure it .... you can't manage it" – this might be an old management saying, but it's one that Volker Stelzer would agree with. As a scientist at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology's Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS), Stelzer is responsible for developing recommendations for construction professionals from the many individual CONCERTO project experiences in the CONCERTO Premium meta-project.
The Technical Monitoring Database, developed in the frame of CONCERTO Premium (a meta-project of the EU), offers a wide variety of information, such as an overview of energy efficiency measures implemented or technologies used in CONCERTO projects, related to new buildings or refurbished buildings and energy supply units.
You can select among 58 cities and communities of the CONCERTO initiative via a map or specific filters such as: city, country, type of building, Energy Supply Unit (ESU) capacity (for electricity, heating, cooling), energy carrier, several indicators for buildings or ESUs, by target group, topic or occasion….
Access to the Database:
Newly available: the quick access with a prepared selection of interesting demonstration objects within CONCERTO: