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What Smart Cities can learn from CONCERTO

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The CONCERTO Conference (Brussels, 22-23/10/2013): Energy solutions for Smart Cities and Communities has summed up many outcomes of the CONCERTO initiative.

Overall OBJECTIVES of the CONCERTO initiative:
In order to substantially improve the overall performance of energy systems in new and/or existing communities, CONCERTO projects should involve integrated demonstration actions, which are economically attractive for replication.

CONCERTO projects should reach an ambitious reduction in energy consumption.

  • For new buildings the reduction should be lower by at least 30% compared with national regulations based on the EPBD.
  • For refurbished or retrofitting of existing buildings: lower energy consumption per m2 than would be achieved by a new building which meets national regulations for new buildings based on the EPBD in the same location.

The projects should include integrated demonstration actions based on innovative technological solutions which aim to be economically attractive for future replication (not only tailor-made local solutions).
A holistic approach including all relevant players at all levels was requested – local and regional policy makers and authorities, energy service providers, real estate developers, investors, public service facilities, construction companies and planners, technology providers and economists – who work together to achieve this goal of truely sustainable communities. 

These innovative technological solutions aim to be economically attractive for future replication.
The projects should demonstrate the achievement of a significant increase in the share of renewable energy sources specifically produced for and mainly consumed by the CONCERTO community (green electricity, heating / cooling).
Where appropriate, energy storage may be included to cover the intermittence of Renewable Energy supplies.
An intelligent management, control and measurement of energy supplies, including local distribution grids and distributed generation, together with efficient energy demand management was mandatory.

The 20/20/20 target :

  • CO2: CONCERTO has contributed to a significant reduction of EU CO2 emission
  • RES: The use of renewable energy sources could be increased significantly
  • EE: Energy efficiency measures in new buildings lead to a significant reduction of the final energy demand compared to national standards


CONCERTO has significantly influenced relevant actions and initiatives in the construction and energy supply sector in CONCERTO cities and communities, which relate to energy performance and use of resources.

CONCERTO cities and communities have shown that existing buildings can cut their CO2 emissions, at acceptable costs, by up to 50%. CONCERTO does this by implementing renewable energy sources, innovative technologies and an integrated approach.

CONCERTO fosters integrated solutions to holistically combine all aspects of energy efficiency, poly-generation and renewables with a strong socio-economic and educational focus. This conveys a value for the citizens where the overall benefit is more than the sums of its individual parts. This presumes that all relevant players across-the-board - including the politicians, energy providers, developers and planners – play together to achieve this goal of true, sustainable construction.

CONCERTO gave new impulses to regional development.


Please also see the presentations held during the CONCERTO conference for more information.