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Sustainable Energy Europe (SEE) & ManagEnergy awards ceremony: High Level Policy Conference-EUSEW

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Once a year, the best sustainable energy projects in Europe are showcased as best practices by the European Commission. To reach Europe’s 2020 energy and climate objectives, it is essential to acknowledge and replicate those practices that have proven most successful in increasing energy savings and decreasing CO2 emissions.


This year’s Sustainable Energy Europe (SEE) & ManagEnergy awards ceremony will be fully integrated into the High Level Policy Conference and will thus take place for the first time at the Charlemagne building.


Both award schemes, launched in 2006 by the European Commission, aim at bringing recognition and communication support to Europe’s best sustainable energy projects. They, nevertheless, have a clear distinction: while the SEE Awards are open to initiatives from private and public sectors, the ManagEnergy Award is expressly designed to reward public authorities and energy agencies at the local and regional level.


The SEE Awards includes five categories: COMMUNICATING (raising awareness), LEARNING (capacity building and transfer of know-how), CONSUMING (energy efficiency in production and consumption processes and renewables), LIVING (exemplary buildings) and TRAVELLING (transport-related projects).

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