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ICLEI Resilient Cities Report 2016 - Gobal Development in urban adaptation and resilience

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ICLEI, 2016, Resilient Cities Report 2016


ICLEI launched the Resilient Cities Report 2016 during the Habitat III conference in Quito, Ecuador.


The report reflects the outcomes of the Resilient Cities 2016 congress and captures broader developments in the field or urban resilience and climate change adaptation. The report features case studies from around the world, highlights newly available tools and solutions, and provides an overview of the state of urban resilience globally by exploring new directions and innovations in the field. 


It presents innovations addressing key challenges for urban practitioners, inlcuding:


  • Inclusive and Resilient Urban Development
  • Financing Resilience
  • Researcher - Practionner  - Community Collaboration
  • Water-related Impacts of Climate Change in Cities
  • Resilient City-Region Food Systems
  • New Urban Governance in Light of Forced Migration
  • Reducing Vulnerability with Improved Energy Efficiency and Security 


One of the good practices highlights the "value of energy efficiency (...) in urban resilience strategies", with a specific focus on the benefits of energy efficient buildings in terms of stable temperatures, reduction in heating and cooling costs, and preventing energy consumption in case of emergencies. Melaka (Malaysia) is one example of a city investing in energy efficient construction using Energy Performance Contracts in order to support resilient green growth strategies.


Based on the congress discussions, this publication summarizes key issues affecting cities, local governments and stakeholders around the world. Presentations and session descriptions from the 2016 congress, along with congress proceedings, additional publications, multi-media coverage, and updates for 2017 can be found on the Resilient Cities website:


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