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Information and Training Workshop Energy Efficiency Solutions for Dynamic Street Lighting

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On 29-30 November 2018 in Pilsen, Czech Republic


The workshop consists of 4 modules and 2 excursions:

  1. Funding sources
  2. Lighting norms
  3. Legal aspects
  4. GIS data
  • Excursions: Smart City Polygon - Town of Sušice (dynamic light installation)

The event will be organized within the Dynamic Light project supported by the INTERREG Central Europe platform. The event shall be attended by decision-makers as well as policy and procurement officers on municipal and regional level; street light engineers, architects, urban planners, and designers; and researchers, lecturers, and trainers on technical, financial and legal aspects of public infrastructure who would like to integrate our trainings into their courses. For more information please see the leaflet attached and agenda.


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