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Croatia planning national energy efficiency measures

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The energy efficiency action plan recently adopted by the Croatian government envisages measures to reduce energy poverty, given that about 50,000 households are currently designated as vulnerable consumers of energy, local media reported.

It is assumed that 330 households will take part in the program annually. The state will approve financing to these households to replace old refrigerators, built in 1989-2000, with fridges with an energy efficiency standard of A+, as well as to replace old washers, manufactured in 1970-1975, with new washing machines meeting the A+++ standard, Novi list wrote, adding that the measures will be in effect until the end of 2026.


Around 60% of households designated as vulnerable energy consumers will have building envelopes retrofitted, with simple energy efficiency measures to be applied at the remaining 40%, such as the replacement of classic bulbs with LED lighting.


Other measures will include upgrading or replacing heating systems to switch from electricity and heating oil to more cost-effective and cleaner fuels.


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