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Digitisation of the EU’s construction industry

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The digitisation of the EU’s construction industry is an oft-overlooked area of technological development, both politically and socially. has interviewed Milena Feustel to shine a light on the sector and explore the direction the digital construction is going in across Europe.


As co-chair of the EU BIM Task Group, Milena Feustel gave her views, among other issues, on:

  • the history and the structure of the EU BIM group;
  • the objectives of the group going forward;
  • the current state of digital construction in the EU;
  • the gap between more developed and less developed states;
  • the functioning of the construction industry of the future in Europe.

Milena summed by saying that "the construction sector will remain a key factor in the EU’s digital development because we live in a world that is reliant on both physical and digital spaces. It’s about being connected, not just digitally, but spatially as well, ensuring that the efficiencies we are able to make architecturally are informed by a strong and efficient digital ecosystem."


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