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Aktiv-Stadthaus social housing in Speicherstraße - Germany

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Credits: © Ralf Pelkmann

The Aktiv-Stadthaus in Frankfurt am Main is the first large apartment building in a city to be built according to the Efficiency House Plus standard. The first residents moved in during the summer of 2015. The aim of its innovative energy concept is to generate more renewable energy over the space of a year than is used by the building itself.


Thermal energy for the heating system and hot water is generated by a heat pump that extracts excess heat from a wastewater pipe. To minimise heating requirements and provide comfortable air quality, the flats are fitted with ventilation units that use heat recovery.


As household electricity also accounts for a significant proportion of overall energy requirements, the flats were equipped with household appliances that adhere to the highest energy efficiency classes. To generate renewable electricity, the building has a shed roof with ultra-efficient solar panels capable of providing up to 251 kWp of energy. The gently undulated south-facing facade features integrated photovoltaic modules offering a total output of 118 kWp.


The building has been awarded the Award Climate Positive in 2019. This award is given to buildings that achieve a negative annual carbon footprint and thus make a significant positive contribution to climate protection. The net carbon footprint assessment is based on the German DGNB Framework for Carbon-Neutral Buildings and Sites.


Project info:

  • Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Applicant: ABG Frankfurt Holding / EGS-plan GmBH
  • Architect: HHS Planer + Architekten AG
  • Energy concept and CO2 balancing: EGS-plan Ingenieurgesellschaft mBH

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