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Green Deal at the C4E Forum 2020

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C4E Forum 2020

C4E Forum 2020

The C4E Forum puts the Green Deal, and what it can mean for Central and Eastern Europe, center stage. The topic for the first high level plenary session is The Green Deal: How do we make it work for the CEE buildings? and we have invited Ministers from Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland and Romania as well as the European Commission to provide their views and discuss. Also, during the rest of the conference, the Green Deal will be featured in the discussions and presentations. 


Recently a large number of articles and opinions were published on the Green Deal and how to realise a Green Deal in Central and Eastern Europe e.g. Bulgaria wants €33 billion to start implementing the Green Deal[1]. Of course it is important to have in mind whether one thinks of such actions in the form of „want” or rather „need”. This is also reflected in the opinion of the Contributing Partner of the C4E Forum 2020 – EU-ASE’s President Monica Frassoni who insists that „EU climate law risks being just an empty shell if it does not show the choices needed to reach climate neutrality[2].


At the C4E Forum 2020, in order to avoid the Green Deal empty shell problem, we will bring together representatives of CEE countries e.g. Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland and Romania, as well as EU officials and businesses. We aim to encourage deeper thinking among these countries officials about the Green Deal in the context of renovation of existing building stock that buildings renovation is a crucial element to meet the goals of the European Green Deal[3]. But, as one of the C4E Forum Endorsing Partners states „the vital and underpinning roles of energy efficiency and building renovations are not fully considered”.


Therefore, join us at the C4E Forum 2020 in Poiana Brasov, Romania (3-6 June 2020) and discuss with us how the European Green Deal can work for Central and Eastern Europe. More information -