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Condominium retrofits are a matter of a long breath

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Article from the "Final ACE-retrofitting event: experience sharing and European Users´ Club"

One of the major lessons learnt by the six local authorities from five different countries, Maastricht University and the environmental charity Changeworks, all involved in the ACE-Retrofitting project: They underestimated the slowness of the decision-making process in condominiums and how long it takes for retrofits to take place (3-5 years). Partners also learned from the Paris example and shifted from stimulating individual energy efficiency measures to the masterplan approach. It increases the ambition level for the condominium and involves wide aspects going beyond pure energy efficiency. This comprises health and safety, maintenance programmes, adaptation etc. Such a comprehensive approach, too, slows down the process of getting quick CO2 savings and improved household energy rating. However, it is better and more strategic in the long run.


The condominium experts who shared their insights during the conference described the tools and processes they have jointly developed to better support renovation in this very specific building type. Co-owners and condominium boards struggle in communicating the gains of an energy retrofit, developing a feasible and acceptable plan and moving from the idea phase via an action plan to implementation.


The important role of one-stop-shops for retrofit support has been highlighted by speakers from the INNOVATE project, co-funded by Horizon 2020. Their key feature is to connect supply and demand in the most efficient and accessible way. In the framework of the project, 11 partners have designed renovation service packages for homeowners. This was a challenging, but very insightful task. The lessons learnt should guide other local authorities in finding the right one-stop-shop business model for their situation.


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