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City Focus: Local Leaders on the Front Lines of the Heating and Cooling Revolution - Webinar

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17 June 2020

City Focus: Local Leaders on the Front Lines of the Heating and Cooling Revolution


Online | Zoom


This webinar is a joint effort as replacement of the Celsius summit  and the Euroheat & Power  conference, showcasing local leadership and sharing inspiring stories from cities all over Europe. 


Half of Europe’s energy consumption today is made up of heating and cooling and most of that demand is met through the burning of oil and gas. In an increasingly urbanised world, cities have both the power and the responsibility to deliver the change we need and make the heating and cooling revolution happen. 


Many European cities have inspiring stories to tell about how they have managed or how they plan their heat transition towards a 100% green, reliable system based on local sources and heat networks. During the webinar we will hear from remarkable cities from all corners of Europe, from very advanced decarbonised systems going the extra mile, to retrofitting and decarbonising existing networks, to getting a new network started. 


Tune in, discuss with the cities and ask all your questions during the break-out sessions! 


Session timeline:


14:30 – 15:30: Panel discussion with all cities 

15:30 – 15:45: Coffee break 

15:45 – 16:30: Break-out sessions 

16:30 – 16:45: Wrap-up

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