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EU PVSEC 2020 - online

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Photo by Eugene Zaycev on Unsplash

Photo by Eugene Zaycev on Unsplash

This year the EU PVSEC will take place online


General description of the EU PVSEC 2020 online

The EU PVSEC 2020 will be a full online event maintaining all the basic features that a physical event is recognisable for: Live presentations in all cases (Plenary, Oral and Visual) and the possibility of live interaction between presenters and audience (questions, debate) via face to face tools and Q&A chat.


As the organizer of the EU PVSEC, it is an important issue for us to preserve our high-quality standards and to create an interesting, vivid online platform for the international PV community. That is why the EU PVSEC is taking news steps ahead and offers innovative solutions for this complicated year of 2020, to offer the most similar experience to an on-site event in the PV sector.


On top of the unique live features, all presentations will be available for streaming on demand to all participants for one full month after the conference.

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EU PVSEC Conference General Chair: Prof. Nicola Pearsall


We are proud to announce that Prof. Nicola Pearsall, Emerita Professor of Renewable Energy in the Faculty of Engineering and Environment of Northumbria University, UK, will be the General Chairwoman for the EU PVSEC 2020.


Prof. Pearsall was the Head of the Newcastle Photovoltaics Applications Group at Northumbria University until her retirement in 2018 and continues to collaborate with the PV research community in a variety of UK and European projects.


In her research career, Prof. Pearsall has addressed a wide range of topics in photovoltaics, the development of space solar cells, in which she received her PhD, thin film compound solar cells, building integrated photovoltaic systems and environmental impact assessment. Her current research relates to PV system performance assessment and correlation with system design and implementation, with the aim of obtaining the highest lifetime output of the system.


“Perhaps more than ever it is important to maintain our collaborative activities. I hope you will be able to join us at EU PVSEC to refresh and develop networks, to learn about the latest developments in photovoltaic technology and to contribute to the debate on how we can use the technology to protect and enhance our energy supply.”- Prof. Nicola Pearsall


We are delighted to welcome such an experienced person as General Chair and are confident, that together we will ensure to make the EU PVSEC 2020 Online a great success.


Conference: Full Programme available

The Programme for EU PVSEC 2020 online offers a carefully crafted programme of almost 1000 top-level international presentations giving participants in-depth insights into the latest research in the PV solar energy sector.


Download all detailed presentations and the overall time schedule for the week as PDF.

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Parallel Events

Find out what the Parallel Events offer this year and get a deep insight into specific topics along the most recent PV technology, PV application and market trends.

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Registration is open!

Register soon to benefit from attractive Early Bird discounts. Select from a variety of custom made ticketing options to match your needs.

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Exhibition: We invite you to present your products at the leading technology exchange platform.

The unique character of the EU PVSEC combines the world’s largest PV science and technology conference with a PV industry and technology show, attracting the entire professional PV community from around the globe.

Reach a global audience and offer a unique experience... anytime, anywhere.

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Maintaining Momentum

Message from the Technical Programme Chair


In 2020 the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference will be held in the week of 7-11 September. We invite workers in all fields concerned with photovoltaic energy generation to submit abstracts within the 7th February 2020 deadline. The EU PVSEC continues to be the leading platform for the global PV community to meet and discuss new ideas and concepts. The conference maintains at its heart the sharing and development of technical knowledge regarding PV materials, cells and systems. It also sees as essential the dissemination of work that helps ensure rapidly increasing quantities of renewable energy, especially that generated by PV, can be integrated into the current and future energy network.

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Dr. Robert Kenny

European Commission Joint Research Centre

EU PVSEC Technical Programme Chair


Discover the versatility of EU PVSEC!


The EU PVSEC is more than a congress. It gathers the global PV community to conduct business, to network and to present and discuss the latest developments and innovations in Photovoltaics. It is the world renowned science-to-science, business-to-business and science-to-industry platform with a full and only focus on the global PV Solar sector.


Proceedings of the 36th EU PVSEC 2019 are available!

to browse through the Conference Proceedings and for instant download of papers. Your personal log-in details for the User Area on this website are also valid to access the EU PVSEC Proceedings website.


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