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CRAVEzero Life Cycle Management Web Tool

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Credits: H2020 CRAVEzero

The tool has been developed within the H2020 project CRAVEzero. The scope of is to provide a support to track and to manage a nZEB project throughout the whole life cycle.


The tool allows a user to make the following operations:


  • Definition of the phase to be considered (urban planning, design phase, construction, operation)
  • Selection of a date to choose the start of the phase
  • Identification the actions (as taken from the to be included or not in the process)
  • Selection of the energy target (qualitative/quantitative)
  • Printing the results of the analysis in a comprehensive scheme

For each action, is available a detailed description including the main specificities, the level of importance within the nZEB life cycle, the difficulty in the implementation and the reference standards and regulations.


In addition, the tool allows for implementing additional project-specific information, which are: the main driver (i.e. the main stakeholder responsible for the action), specification (high, medium and low targets can be selected depending on the goal to be achieved), start date deadline of the each specific action, deadline, the status of the action (delayed, completed, pending and ongoing helps to track the status of the actions throughout the phase over time).


The final result is table, that can be exported and saved in an Excel file, with all the selected actions, main descriptions and information inserted and the Gantt of the process.


The tool is on-line based tool and it is freely available from the CRAVEZero project webpage: https://www.cravezero.eu/pboard/LCT/LCInfo.htm