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EEnvest´s Brochure and Poster are out!

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We have exciting news! We have just published our latest Brochure and Poster at our webpage!


If you think that there is a need for achieving solid knowledge-based evaluation methods to perform technical/ financial due-diligence and evaluate financial operations related to Energy Efficient Buildings, you are in the right place. Continue reading. 


Inside you will find an insight of the Horizon 2020 EEnvest  project, explaining how this project contributes to reduce the associated risk in Building Energy Efficiency Investments. Also you will get to know the Consortium, all the partners that are making this project possible. 


And finally, you will find a sum up of the objetives, the results and the two demo-case buildings located in Spain and Italy, where EEnvest technical-financial due-dilligence method will be applied. 


If you have found this interesting check the link for more information:


Enjoy the reading!