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New booklets of the Efficient Building Community

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The Efficient Buildings Community has released new materials with the portfolio of digital tools developed by the Modular Projects of the community and with the synthesis of the main policy recommendations arisen from the ground experience of the projects.


As the MED hub for innovative and shared energy efficiency solutions, the MED Efficient Buildings Community facilitates the discussion on how to overcome the barriers that public organisations, namely local authorities, face to reduce their building ́s energy consumption.


A team of local public authorities, energy agencies, research institutes and NGOs promotes the activities of the MED Efficient Buildings Community by communicating, transferring and capitalizing its results and experiences to new regions.


By establishing a joint transnational network around these issues, the MED Efficient Buildings Community helps improve the skills of public building owners and managers when it comes to better energy efficiency practices.


The MED Efficient Buildings Community sees itself as a multi-stakeholder advocator aiming at influencing EU and national policies.


The EU Renovation Wave Strategy and its further implementation by Member States may present an opportunity for a new regulatory framework that considers Mediterranean specificities and makes use of innovative solutions tested and proposed by the MED Efficient Buildings Community.


This booklet presents an overview of the work of the MED Efficient Buildings Community including a short description of its projects and main outputs, namely the tools, methodologies, platforms and e-learnings ready to be used and implemented in other regions.

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