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BOTA project

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@ Sunsoak – Ney Credits:

The Bota Solar project reinvents the building facing Rogier square in the European city of Brussels. The former building, with its concrete facades grayed by time and its outdated appearance, didn’t add much to a vibrant city life.   


A good example, of non-intrusive renovation, architects and engineers specialized in solar architecture have designed a monumental solar structure. This new architectural object, an energy totem of the post-COP21 transition, is a good example of an adapted decentralised energy system.


Such powerful, designed and elegant solar farms can be introduced into the city at the very place where energy is needed. Buildings become energy producers instead of solely massive consumers. Thus, reducing the unnecessary dependence on extra-urban energy plants.


On top of the Bota Solar building, an urban park will be integrated under the solar structure. Visitors have access to a green oasis covered by a magical solar roof. With a little bit of fantasy, one could imagine standing underneath a starlit sky.  Quite an experience with a 360° view of old Brussels!


Tailor-made Integrated Photovoltaics


The remarkable canopy generates solar energy and filters the sun rays. The metal structure is formed by two frames that prolong both the facade on Place Rogier and the south facade. The installation of this canopy does not interfere with roof elements, HVAC, stacks or ducts.


The solar structure consists of two white metal gantries that will carry 800m2 of translucent solar glass on guy wires, giving the glass sail a gentle curve. The photovoltaic technology, custom-made building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), will be visible from below.


The curvature of the sail, made possible by the shape of the metal ribbon, acts as a elegant crown on the building. This gives the solar installation some asymmetry and makes it incline towards the south to capture more sunlight.


@ Sunsoak – Ney


The architectural solar power plant will cover one-third of the building's electricity needs. This ambitious project shows that there are no longer any barriers to the massive adoption of renewable energy solutions, whether existing and new buildings or urban structures.


Read more about the project here.




  • Building type: offices/shops
  • Location: Rogier Square, Brussels, Belgium 
  • Year of construction: 2019
  • Project manager: Botarogiercenter/Stephano Immo sa, led by Stéphane Dykman
  • Architect: Sunsoak design – Ney & Partners
  • Engineers: Ney & Partners
  • Technology: Solar canopy/BIPV 

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