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POWER HOUSE EUROPE makes it's mark......

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March 2010: A wealth of information, guidance and tools for energy efficient social housing is opened up:


POWER HOUSE EUROPE makes it's mark......


Thanks for this link; it is indeed very interesting.

Thinking aloud, I am wondering what in practice is the most effective way to tackle a theme such as "the greening of the social housing sector". 'Greening' is a theme in itself, referring to the integration of the environmental dimension, and includes many factors other than energy efficiency. 'Housing' comprises a huge sector, much of which has yet to be influenced by the environmental dimension. Last but not least, the 'Social' aspect raises the bar regarding the economic efficiency but also the accessibility of constructions.

All in all, the theme is both cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary and highlights the formidable challenges lying ahead in providing solutions that are sustainable at the 'triple bottom line'.

Due to the different starting points in each country, each platform has developed differently. They started from a needs analysis, capitalised on existing knowledge produced by IEE projects but also successful experiences in other Member States, worked on consolidating and building upon their networks, both within and outside the Federations and of course fed policy makers with fresh information on the needs and obstacles which in some cases resulted in adaptations in the legal and financial frameworks.