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Campaigning for the future: different approaches, unexpected results

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The overall purpose of the IMPLEMENT European Project is to stimulate the actual implementation of energy saving measures by private house owners in existing buildings through energy savings campaigns in 7 European countries. This document describes the campaign layout and the results obtained in each of the 7 partner countries. The main conclusions and recommendations from these different campaigns are deducted and described. Recommendations are given regarding which type of campaign to choose in which situation.

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), as part of European policy to stimulate energy efficiency in housing, offers vast energy saving potential. However, presently the awareness amongst actors in the housing sector, in particular regarding of the EPBD and energy certificates for housing, is low. The objective of the IMPLEMENT European project is to address this problem through information and sales campaigns in seven Member States across Europe. IMPLEMENT translates the global goals of the EPBD to solutions that address everyday issues like health, comfort and energy bills. Based on the campaigns carried out in IMPLEMENT, the sum of the experiences and knowledge has been translated to a blueprint that can help others to set up their own campaign. The blueprint and helpful hints are published on the website.