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For optimising thermal energy supply in industry, a holistic integral approach is required that includes possibilities of demand reduction by heat recovery and process integration, and by an intelligent combination of efficient heat and cold supply technologies.The main features of EINSTEIN are:
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Over 40 people from Europe’s leading boiler manufacturers, energy companies and micro-CHP technology companies took part in the 6th Annual Delta ‘Micro-CHP in Europe’ Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark on 6th June 2011. This paper provides highl Higlights of the Summit. - Delta's Market Update - Danish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Programme - Stirling engines hit the market in Europe, fuel cells in Japan – and some progress in the US - Micro-CHP as a Virtual Power Plant - What does micro-CHP ‘do’ for the customer?
Post date: 18 paź 2011
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Building Envelope The building’s insulation exceeds Standard 90.1 requirements with R-30 walls and R-40 roof for refrigerated warehouse and R-20 walls and R-30 roof for the two other sections. The warehouse also has a reflective white roof. The office space has a garden roof to minimize solar heat gain through the roof. Lighting The entire warehouse has T5 HO lamps with motion detectors and natural light detector. Natural lightning is possible near walls where high insulated (R- 7.5) translucent windows are installed.
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In Russia there is a big potential for improving the energy efficiency in the buildings, in the transport sector and in the industrial sector. According to statements of the Russian Government, the aim is to save about 40 percent of the Russian energy consumption by 2020 by using more efficient technology. rudea shall contribute to increase the energy modernisation of Russia under cooperation with German technology organisations.
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