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Renewable energies, energy efficiency and innovations for the energy turnaround: broadly-based financing offers for private persons, enterprises and municipalitiesExpanded range of energy and environmental financing for enterprises starting 1 January 2012
Post date: 9 sty 2012
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CO2 emissions reduced by 1 million tonnes in 2010Over 40% of CO2 reductions the required annually by private households until 2020 have been achievedHeating cost savings of EUR 6.4 billionInvestments of over EUR 22 billion secured 287,000 jobs for at least one year
Post date: 22 gru 2011
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The report is structured as follows:• Section 2 presents the barriers to financing energy efficiency projects;
Post date: 9 gru 2011
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The long-term goal of the plan is to implement an energy and transport network that relies solely on renewable energy sources. By 2020, the initiatives will lead to extensive reductions in energy consumption, making it possible for half of the country’s electricity consumption to be covered by wind power. Coal is to be phased out of Danish power plants by 2030. And by 2035, all electricity and heating will be generated using renewable sources.
Post date: 30 lis 2011
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Post date: 10 lis 2011
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Jülich Research Centre report published In 2010 KfW financings initiated investments of EUR 22 billion Every "promotional euro" provided generates additional budget revenue of four to five euros Current interest rate in the KfW Energy-efficient Refurbishment Programme of 1% effectively p.a. in combination with repayment bonuses of up to 12.5% of total investment amount
Post date: 3 lis 2011
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Only one in ten (11 per cent) UK householders said they would reinvest the money in additional energy-efficiency measures. Ironically, about the same number (12 per cent) said they would use the £400 to purchase new consumer appliances and gadgets such as a large flat-screen TV, washing machine or smartphone.
Post date: 2 lis 2011
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The workshop aimed at presenting good practice examples of regions planning, financing, implementing and delivering concrete sustainable energy actions.
Post date: 27 paź 2011
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A consortium including banks (such as Goldman Sachs and HSBC) and UK energy companies plans to open a not-for-profit organisation to help finance the government's programme for home energy efficiency. Is this type of public/private partnership already happening in other EU member states? Are there any specific elements that financial institutions, energy companies and policy makers need to consider for their specific market?
Post date: 17 paź 2011
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