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A next generation energy efficiency meter named eensight has been created. The eensight tool is based on machine learning and will contribute to the much-needed advancement of the automated measurement and verification (M&V) methods for portfolios of buildings’ energy efficiency and provide essential insights for investors, legislators, building owners and energy companies to realise their goals.  
Post date: 19 kwi 2021
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How to set-up a One-Stop-Shop for home energy renovation:  The 08 July 2020 from 11:00 until 12:30:    This webinar will focus on the conclusions of the INNOVATE project and give practical recommendations on how to set up a One-Stop-Shop.   About this Event
Post date: 1 lip 2020
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HolaDomus is a program that accompanies citizens during the process of reforming their homes to improve comfort, accessibility, health and energy consumption.   The renovation of homes can be stressful, expensive and complex. HolaDomus provides owners with technical, administrative and financial support.   Technical and administrative support  
Post date: 9 cze 2020
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The current health crisis and the subsequent socio-economic crisis the EU is facing are going to put the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) urban regeneration projects in a new scenario that can seriously affect their development. We have a series of particularly important challenges ahead, but also great opportunities.  
Post date: 4 Maj 2020
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Building on the success of the 1st Mini Online Workshops Series on the Renovation Wave, EuroACE is currently organizing a 2nd Mini Online Workshops Series called “Renovation Wave in Action: sharing experiences”. This new series will focus on concrete experiences at regional and local level in the framework of energy renovation of buildings which should be scaled up through the Renovation Wave Initiative.  
Post date: 22 kwi 2020
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The aim of this document is to inform and support actors along the construction value chain, this document provides principles for circular design of buildings. Behind these principles lie a vast amount of knowledge and information. The document is aligned with the launch of Level(s), a voluntary reporting framework to improve the sustainability of buildings.
Post date: 19 mar 2020
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As a high-level group of CEOs, academics and politicians gathered in Brussels last week to discuss the future of the glass industry, they recognised how glass is a material which is used everywhere, from smartphones to cars, from ovens to buildings. The reason glass is everywhere is because as a transparent material, it serves a unique function for which mankind has found no substitute. This could make the sector a low-hanging fruit in lowering Europe’s emissions.  
Post date: 3 lut 2020
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Most people in the year 2050 will live in the very same buildings that we occupy today. There are over two hundred million buildings in the EU that together emit more CO2 than any other sector. Decreasing and decarbonizing the energy used to heat, cool and use these buildings is crucial for the transition to a climate-neutral Europe.  
Post date: 6 gru 2019
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According to Eurostat 2017, 42% of the European population currently live in flats (condominiums, multi-owned properties, tenements, social housing, etc.). Retrofitting condominiums (tenements and flatted buildings) is highly strategic for local authorities, as a large number of private owners can be reached at the same time. Once the retrofitting is done, co-owners benefit from comfortable homes as well as from financial and carbon savings.   Fragmented ownership
Post date: 14 lis 2019
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Procredit Bank Macedonia will on-lend funds to local households, housing associations and service providers planning to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, the EBRD said on its website.   Possible investments will include green technologies such as boilers, windows and lighting. The building stock in North Macedonia is in urgent need of refurbishment, and the introduction of insulation, for example, is expected to lower costs and improve comfort.  
Post date: 28 paź 2019
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