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SHERPA (SHared knowledge for Energy Renovation in buildings by Public Administrations) is a Testing and Capitalising EU project financed by the Interreg Med Programme under Specific Objective 2.1 (“to raise capacity for better management of energy in public buildings at transnational level”).  
Post date: 18 lip 2017
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Think local first: designing an EU building policy framework centred on consumers, local authorities and energy advisory services to deliver on Europe’s renovation challenge  
Post date: 30 Maj 2017
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Niskoemisyjnych rozwiązań dla rozwoju miejskiego problemy     Brama rozwiązań-internetowej platformy dla organów samorządu terytorialnego, gdzie będą mogli znaleźć ewentualne strategie rozwoju niskoemisyjnej (SID) rozwiązania dla swoich miast.  
Post date: 21 kwi 2017
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Po prawie dwóch latach współpracy dziesięciu partnerów z czterech krajów europejskich (Polska, Hiszpania, Chorwacja i Holandia), zbliża się zakończenie projektu FosterREG. Przedsięwzięcie jest finansowane z programu ramowego Horyzont 2020 - do tej pory największego realizowanego przez Unię Europejską w zakresie badań i innowacji.  
Post date: 14 mar 2017
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Some examples in Europe show that cities running their own energy company can lower the energy bill for citizens   Across Europe, town and city councils are becoming increasingly interested in energy decentralisation, i.e. in producing power closer to where it is consumed.   Those municipalities that have already experienced this say the model is one of the best ways of fighting pollution and reducing energy costs for citizens. Heidelberg is one such city in Germany, with its long-running energy company.  
Post date: 28 lis 2016
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PAPIRUS e-learning course on Public Procurement of Innovation released!  
Post date: 6 wrz 2016
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Rénovation énergétique des bâtiments (UREBA)   The Department  of Energy and Sustainable Building of Public Service of Wallonia administers UREBA grants to organisations who want to reduce the energy consumption of their buildings.   Eligible public institutions:   municipality, province and police districts schools, hospitals and swimming pools organisations with philanthropic founding objectives (non-lucrative scientific and educational actions) The amount of the grant is:  
Post date: 18 cze 2015
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Mayors Adapt – The Covenant of Mayors Initiative on Adaptation to Climate Change is part of the Covenant of Mayors, the flagship European initiative for cities to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.   Mitigating climate emissions and adapting infrastructure and policies to climate impacts are both crucial elements in building more sustainable cities. Mayors Adapt provides a framework for local authorities to take action on the second of these elements.   Its key objectives are to:
Post date: 26 mar 2014
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19/03/2014. The European Commission launched Mayors Adapt, a new initiative it has set up to inspire cities to take action to adapt to climate change.Cities signing up to the initiative commit to the overall aim of the EU Adaptation Strategy, to develop local adaptation strategies within the first two years of signing and to review the outcomes on a biannual basis.
Post date: 24 mar 2014
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Europe is in transition and everyone can have a role in the new energy system. Citizens and local governments are forming new initiatives to provide locally produced green energy for their community.Local action on energy saving, energy efficiency and renewable energy contributes to the achievement of the EU’s 20-20-20 climate and energy targets. But continuous support for energy efficiency and renewable energy production will reduce the dependency on energy imports, reduce energy prices, and boost local economies creating more value as well as new local jobs
Post date: 2 gru 2013
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