SMEs - Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

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WHY ATTEND?   As digitalization drives sweeping changes across the construction sector leading to new ‘informed’ ways of working Building Information Modelling (BIM) will enable all workers in the industry to be part of this change.   WHO SHOULD ATTEND?  
Post date: 2 lut 2021
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Concept:   In 1990, national associations representing construction micro-enterprises and SMEs, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and craftsmen in six European countries joined forces in 1990 to establish the European Builders Confederation (EBC), the European professional organisation representing national associations of construction SMEs and crafts.  
Post date: 27 sty 2021
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Supporting smart financing implementation for energy efficient Balkan Buildings
Post date: 18 wrz 2020
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Investments in energy efficiency improvements are vital to ensure Europe’s future as a sustainable, yet prosperous economy. The benefits are enormous: these investments contribute to abating greenhouse gas emissions, improving the competitiveness of European businesses, and enhancing Europe’s energy security. This is why European leaders are placing energy efficiency at the heart of their strategy to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.
Post date: 31 lip 2020
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The digital revolution is not only about large tech companies but also essentially about start-ups and SMEs that provide or use digital solutions. SMEs are vital to the European economy, making up 99% of Europe's businesses1 and accounting for two-thirds of total employment. The variety is huge, from innovative and fast-growing companies that provide or use digital solutions, to those that face significant challenges such as acquiring the necessary skills to benefit from digital technologies.  
Post date: 3 Maj 2020
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This report provides an analysis of potential areas of for public support at the EU level to EU SMEs from the construction industry in their efforts to internationalise their activities beyond the limits of the EU.   The report analyses the current state of play, it provides examples of success stories and identifies EU construction SMEs´ needs and expectations. Finally, the study presents the results of a series of workshops on areas for EU support measures.  
Post date: 11 mar 2020
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The European Union is the first to become carbon neutral by 2050 in the world. The European Green Deal's Investment Plan - the Sustainable Europe Investment Plan - will mobilise public investments and unlock public funds through EU financial instruments which will lead to at least €1 trillion of investments.   Complementing other initiatives announced under the Green Deal, the European Green Deal Investment Plan is based on three dimensions:  
Post date: 4 lut 2020
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Digitalisation of the economy is one of the priorities set by the European Union (EU). The Strategy for a Digital Single Market, developed by the European Commission (EC) in 2015, outlined the path for the EU to build the right digital environment. The aim is to maximise the growth potential of the digital economy in Europe and to ensure European industries are at the forefront of developing and exploiting digital technologies of the markets of the future.  
Post date: 13 sty 2020
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Funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, the mission of the START2ACT project is to support young SMEs and startups to save energy and cut costs at their workplace. To fulfill this mission, we are offering free-of-charge mentoring and training activities in nine European countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and United Kingdom.  
Post date: 21 sty 2019
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The Sustainable Energy Investment Forums are a series of workshops and seminars, organised under a contract managed by the European Commission’s Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME).
Post date: 19 gru 2018
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