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España es quizás el mercado solar europeo más atractivo en la actualidad. Nuestro país parece tomar conciencia de su posición como localización europea con más horas de sol año y se ha lanzado definitivamente al desarrollo de nuevas instalaciones fotovoltaicas, tanto grandes plantas procedentes de las adjudicaciones de las subastas, proyectos PPA, plantas ‘merchant’, así como generación distribuida a través de autoconsumo, especialmente en el sector comercial e industrial.  
Post date: 27 kwi 2020
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The European Green Deal aims to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. As energy production and use account for more than 75% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions.   In order to meet our climate objectives, while also guaranteeing secure and affordable energy for consumers, we need to better link up our energy system and exploit the synergies enabled by an integrated energy system.  
Post date: 17 kwi 2020
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The IGC – International Greencities Congress brings together all the scientific content of the Greencities Forum through the presentation and exhibition of scientific communications. It is a space aimed at knowledge and new projects that contribute to the development of sustainable and intelligent cities.   Horizon 2030  
Post date: 6 mar 2020
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We are proud to share with you updated promo materials for the ENDURCRETE project.   New edition of the ENDURCRETE project brochure. It contains the map of all the demo sites. You can also read about ENDURCRETE key concept which is based on different novel technologies and tools. You can find the brochure here.   Roll Up Banner.
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ICLEI Members Helsinki (Finland), Copenhagen (Denmark), and Stavanger (Norway), together with Amsterdam, Paris Region, and Tallinn have joined forces through the AI4Cities project, a new EU-funded project challenging companies to develop artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in the fields of energy and mobility. These solutions are aimed at reducing cities’ greenhouse gas emissions and supporting them in meeting their climate change commitments. ICLEI Europe is an expert project partner.  
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  Why should you attend? 1000 Starups
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Innovative smart components, modules and appliances for a truly connected, efficient and secure smart grid. CONNECT aims to provide concepts, technologies and components that support enhanced integration of renewables and storage combined with intelligent management of the energy flow and thus allows to reduce the demand for primary energy, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and facilitates a decentralized energy infrastructure.  
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Deep disparities define today’s energy world. The dissonance between well-supplied oil markets and growing geopolitical tensions and uncertainties. The gap between the ever-higher amounts of greenhouse gas emissions being produced and the insufficiency of stated policies to curb those emissions in line with international climate targets. The gap between the promise of energy for all and the lack of electricity access for 850 million people around the world.  
Post date: 19 lis 2019
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Building the infrastructure to decarbonise the EU’s energy system by 2050 through large amounts of green gas is projected to be up to 36% more expensive than through energy efficiency and smart electrification, even in European countries with a cold climate, according to “Towards fossil-free energy in 2050”, conducted by Element Energy and Cambridge Econometrics, and commissioned by the European Climate Foundation.  
Post date: 26 lip 2019
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In the face of the urgent need to renovate and decarbonise the existing building stock, special focus is on building skins, such as roofs and facades, to make them more efficient through innovative solutions and materials, but also to generate energy. This is essential to achieve the EU 2030 energy targets, only 11 years away.  
Post date: 22 Maj 2019
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