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Obrazek użytkownika Petra Colantonio

Petra Colantonio

Project Manager, FENIX TNT s.r.o. (Private (SME or independent))
Czech Republic

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domOS project LEATFLET

We are happy to share our new project leaflet!   The general concept of the project with locations of demonstration sites and project partners can be found there!   Download a leaflet  HERE!

Video: EENSULATE facade installation

We are happy to share our new video from the installation process of module #EENSULATE facade and one of the demonstration sites - Public School in Dzierzoniow (Poland).   Watch the video HERE.

ENDURCRETE project: 4th newsletter

We are happy to share our 4th newsletter of EnDurCrete project.    In this edition you can take a look to Casting of EnDurCrete elements, Deployment of EnDurCrete elements at the demonstration sites for further testing and...

VEEP replication online workshop

  The VEEP replication workshop is a follow up event to the VEEP webinar on the 9th of March. Use the gained knowledge from the webinar and discuss the VEEP replication during the workshop with us!   After 4 years, VEEP project ends on 31 March 2021...

|VIDEO| Casting of EnDurCrete elements

Would you like to know how the casting of EnDurCrete elements looks like? Watch the video which guides you through the process!   The casting took place at the TesiSystem - Soluzioni Prefabbricate facility.   Watch the video HERE!

Social impact questionnaire about Thermal Storage Systems

European Projects have always had a big impact on society. Today, EU programmes are being implemented everywhere around Europe. And their impact on businesses and communities is bigger than ever before.   Please take a moment to fill in the...

ENDURCRETE Project: Demonstration site - Krk bridge

  Watch the installation process of the EnDurCrete elements at the Krk Bridge demonstration site HERE!

|WEBINAR| Towards greener and more durable concrete

Recording of the joint webinar co-hosted with the ReSHEALience project on 7th of October 2020. EnDurCrete project.   Concrete is the world´s most consumed man-made material. The environmental impacts associated with cement (and thus...

Official PLURAL project kick-off

The kick-off meeting of the PLURAL project “Plug-and-use renovation with adaptable lightweight systems”, was held remotely on 12th and 13th of October 2020 and was organized by the project coordinator National Technical University of Athens...

The DOMOS Project

The domOS project is 36-months research financed by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union (EU) aims at developing and prototyping technologies for the digitalization of existing buildings.   Digitalized buildings...